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Spam, so much spam
There is way too much spam on this forum. To see what is so wrong here, I registered a new account. Here are some security disasters:
- No email activation
- No password strength checking
- Possible to register with disposable emails (eg. mailinator)
- Embedded media tags
- No robot check while registering

Please fix these things. The amount of spam here is atrocious. At least, for the time being, shut down the forum because it is currently in an unusable state anyways (or put under a lockdown).
Hi There!

I realised there was plenty of spam floating around here and just purged the forums of it all. There are real reasons why I left those features off, but overlooked a part of the code for the registration page.

The idea was that everyone would be forced to create their accounts over at our selfserve page. This would limit bots since they would not be able to easily navigate a new site to register. However in the registration redirect script, I did not ensure that the old registration page was not available at all.

This should all be fixed now and the spam should stop at this point

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